David Walliams hosts the ultimate storytelling experience with Make-A-Wish® UK

Today, Friday 8th March, David Walliams hosted the ultimate storytelling experience by reading to five wish children and their families at The Savoy, London whilst enjoying afternoon tea. Amongst the wish children, are Violet and Amber, who wish themselves to write their very own novels, so who better to meet and ask for tips than famed children’s author - David Walliams.
Violet is six years of age living with leukaemia and her wish is to write her own Wizard book, make it come to life with magical animations, and to star in it. Whereas Amber is busy writing and creating her very own supernatural themed booked and needs some final inspiration.
The power of the wish journey means this exclusive event will be used as the wish enhancement ahead of their One True Wish being granted. This way, the wish journey is building resilience by helping both Violet and Amber to cope better with their illnesses. Wish anticipation can be as powerful as the wish itself, it builds excitement and it empowers the child by actively involving them in the creation of their wish.
David Walliams says:
 “It is an honour to support Make-A-Wish UK by simply reading some of my books to some very special wish children, as it is an admirable charity and one that is close to my heart. The journey began for me by meeting wish children when they’ve wish to go to Britain’s Got Talent, which has shown me first-hand the impact of granting a wish can have on a seriously ill child. The power of wishes highlights the importance of Make-A-Wish UK’s work, to ultimately help put a smile on a child’s face who is seriously ill, whilst they are going through an incredibly difficult time.”
Jason Suckley, CEO, Make-A-Wish® UK says;
"Children have the most fantastical imaginations. Whether it’s a make-believe astronaut with a cardboard box for a rocket, or creating your very own book. But, when a child is battling a life-threatening illness, hopes and wishes for the future can seem as far away as the moon. Long hospital stays, surgery, medication and endless appointments take over and leave little time for play and laughter.
“We seek to build a unique and life-changing wish for every child who turns to us which David has been instrumental in granting so many children’s One True Wish. For a desperately ill child, their wish can be transformative - giving them hope for a positive future, strength to fight their condition and the chance to re-introduce the wonderful joy of childhood.
“If you have ever wished for something, and can imagine the feeling of that wish coming true, then you will understand how grateful we are to have David Walliams supporting our work.” 
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Make-A-Wish® UK grants life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses.

A wish is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a focus for children living with serious illnesses whose future may be uncertain.

Since the charity was founded in the UK in 1986 it has granted more than 13,000 wishes - registered charity number: 295672/SC037479

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